10 Tips to consider when designing an exhibit stand:

  1. Appropriate and engaging – ensure that every aspect of your exhibition stand from the design and layout to the customer experience is appropriate and engaging.
  2. Form follows function – lest we forget!
  3. Unique – would the stand easily be used by another brand or for another product? If so, change your design. It needs to be as unique as a finger print.
  4. Create brand ambassadors through memorable experiences – a positive long-lasting impression on a client will create a brand ambassador who will spread the brand message and word-of-mouth advertising is invaluable.
  5. Seconds – that’s all it takes for a truly great exhibit design to capture an audience and implant a brand idea.
  6. Simple, smart architecture – less is often more in exhibition stand design, it gives the viewer the oppurtunity to focus on key areas of interest that convey the brand message.
  7. STOP traffic – an exhibition stand is like an advert, design it that way.
  8. Size and budget must not limit creativity.
  9. The exhibit is a tool – one of many tools used at an ehibition or conference, if your tools don’t extend your brand to the target audience, they have failed.
  10. Home away from home – create an inviting environment where clients want to linger.

Source: Infographics Showcase website

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